Touching and Being Touched

Dates:2024.03.11~2024.03.16 12:00-19:00(last entry16:00)
日時:2024年3月11~16日 12:00-19:00(最終日16:00まで)
Venue:YW GALLERY 6F Ginza 3-8-17, Chuo City, Tokyo, 104-0061
会場:ゆう画廊 6F  〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座3-8-17 ホウユウビル

Touching and Being Touched In a world teeming with tactile exchanges, from the warmth of a handshake to the comfort of an embrace, “Touching and Being Touched,” ventures into the less traversed terrains of human interaction. Mengke employs her art as a means to open up conversations about haphephobia—the profound discomfort or fear of touch, pushing against societal norms that often dismiss or overlook the discomfort associated with unwanted physical contact.

Her artworks serve as a bridge, offering a profound, visual dialogue on the complexities of touch, consent, and personal boundaries. Each piece, whether through abstract forms, textured surfaces, or interactive installations, challenges us to confront our own perceptions of touch and the multifaceted nature of human connections and encourages us to consider the layers of meaning imbued in touch and to recognize the strength in setting and respecting boundaries.

触れること‧触れられること 握手の温もりから抱擁の安心感まで、さまざまな「触れ合い」で溢れる世界において『触れること・触れられること』は、人間交流の中でなかなか語られることのない場所へと扉を開きます。梦可(ムオンコー)は彼女の芸術表現を通して、接触恐怖症についての対話の場を開き、望まない身体接触から触発される不快感をしばしば無視したり軽視したりする社会に問いを投げかけます。



Photo: Chen Hsin Wei

©Mengke Guo